Projects in 2011



    SOLAR PURIFYING SYSTEM (Won-Jong Eun, Sun-Kyoung Yu,Sung-in Kim, Hack-chan Kim)    

Due to the depletion of fossil fuels, global efforts on the development of renewable energy, such as wind-, tide-, and solar geothermal energy, have been made. Among them, solar energy power is regarded as an almost finite energy source and ubiquitous. Therefore, we would like to use the solar power to generate oxidants electrochemically. The followed figure is schematic of electrochemical oxidant production using solar energy.




    EMERGENCY DELIVERY (Hyon Lim, Chulwoo Park, Gyeongtaek Oh)    

At the emergency situation like disaster or disease, many people die due to lack of just a small amount of essential products. Though many relief products from other countries are arrived at the port, lack of transportation, many people can not be supplied this relief products, because when disaster is came, normally transportation condition like road/railroad is also bad. So, we are focusing on sky. There are many problems to use sky like payload/efficiency, but it can be good solution at the emergency situation.



    WATER VEST (Seunggyu Jeong, Sangseok Yoon, Binayak Bhandari)    

Water supplying problem is one of the most important and essential problem at many developing country. Source of clean water is very limited and usually far from the habitation. So, many people must use many labor to secure and transport the clean water. Water vest is developed to solve this problem. Equipment to transport water must have 2 factors. Quantity of transportation. Easiness of carry. This water vest can be acquire this 2 factors by making it possible to be wearable. You can carry lots of water with small discomport.


    Programmable Electronic Music Module (Byungjoo Lee, Jaehyuck Bae)    

We put new value to the traditional African music. We help African musicians to achieve their own way of making and selling music, which is also capable of modern electronic sound. We think about less concerned human resources in Africa, give them simple practices to understand the best use of it.



    Smart phone handwriting (Sungmin Jo, Kyungwon Yoon)    

As a technology about smartphone is improved, many application is developed and existed goods and functions are integrated with smartphone. In this research, we try to integrate the pen with smartphone. As using gyro sensor, detecting the moving of smartphone can be possible. With this function, you can write with smartphone by grip smart phone as pen and write as using pen. Note will be memorized by digitalized file.