Projects in 2012

   Functional mouse for hard tremor of the Cerebral Palsy (Joonmyung Choi, Dongjin Lee)  

The mouse is especially designed for the people suffering from cerebral palsy. The ergonomic design reduces the muscle stretch and relive the wrisst





   Gravity Based Bridge for Crossing Rivers   

The gravity based ropeway for crossing river can be implemented in mountainous regions like Nepal. It employs dead load and used gravity to let people commute form one end of river to the another.





    Advanced Wheelchair with Standing Function
   (Yong-Jun Bae, Seong-Uk Lee, Hae-Seong Cho, Sung-Hoon Ahn)    

This wheel chair overcomes the limitations of the traditional wheel chair in which the user cannot rise vertically from his/her position. It is safe, easy to use and robust structure helps to perform range of activity vertically.






    Shower Helper for disabled or Elder People (Seok Ryung Kwon, JunYoung Lee)    

The shower helper makes bathing for disabled person easier. The shower holder contains seat, similar to toilet, incorporated with nozzle and hoses. Additionally the shower holder is user friendly and can easily operated even by disabled people who have lost their fingers.




   Small size Ondol system for developing countries   

Ondol is a Korean traditional cooking and heating system. It utilizes locally available material and can be used for smoke free cooking as well as heating system. It is cheap and can be implemented in developing countries without much training.



    White Reader: the text reading white cane for the blind (Dong kyu Choi, Jong kyun Oh)    

A normal white cane only can detect the ground shape and no other information to blind. The white reader has a camera and electronic braille to a white cane so that it can give word information to blind




    Massage Mat for Wheel Chair (Dong Hyun, Eric Ang, Sandy Koh and Abhas Maskey)    

Pressure sores are easily developed in diabled people by pronglonged sitting especially in back, heels and hips. The message mat has air tubes that inflates and deflates preriodically which reduces the probability of generation of pressure sores.


   Pen Holder - Hand Writing Aid for C5 (Daeyoung Lee, Byungchul Kim, Jisuk Kim)   

This pen holder is a device for hand writing assistance for C5 disabled persons. The product is not rigid which ensures high flexibility. User an grasp any pen and write letters





    Variable Geometry Pillow for Curing Cervical Disc Herniation (Yoon-Ho Kim, Hyun-Taek Lee)    

Vraible geometry pillow is a noise free, energy and cost efficient pillow designed to reduce cervical disc herniation. It employs SMA wire which have shock free actuation properties



   Smart device touch pen for disabled people (Jae-Il Park, Hyung-Soo Kim, Erkhes Bilegt)   

Smart devices mostly have touch screen which makes it harder for disabled person to operate it. This device has special holder to broaden touch area and uses simple press and let go motion. It is simple in construction and no external power is required for operation.





    Golf Swing Assistance System    

Golf swing assistance system can provide the timing and the curve shape of the acceleration of the player¡¯s and, critical advises that factors for qualifying and quantifying a user¡¯s technique. It can be used to analyze the player¡¯s technique in sports.





    Energy Harvesting Door with a dynamo    

Energy harvesting door can be utilized for useful usage of wasted energy. Simple led lights can be operated by employing this device at the door hinge.