Projects in 2013

   Portable Multifunctional Shower Wheelchair (강병현, 조규한, 이해민)   

This wheel chair is a bag type wheel chair which folds and makes it easy to transport. Physically disabled person can use this wheel chair while taking shower.



    Portable Cooling Device For Vaccine Delivery (Jangho Bae, Hongmin Kim, Youngsu Kim    

Vaccine needs to be stored at 2-8 degrees. Portable cooling device for vaccine delivery is a small size uses a small compressor that helps in operating the chiller and maintains adequate temperature for vaccine storage.






    Portable Wheelchair Wheel Cleaner(Keehong Yoon, Junbong Song, Jungman Chung)    

Wheelchairs need cleaning after outdoor activities. The cleaner can be attached to the wheel chair easily and can be easily operated.





    Air conditioning system in Africa with appropriate technology (Yooseok Kim, Kyungho Ha, Yuet Kim)    

This air conditioning system employs wet paper mobiles to maintain the temperature. The ornamental structure design for the surface looks beautiful and is cheap and easy to fabricate


   Vaccine delivery
(Geovana Girardelo folle, Mateus viana de oliveire costa, Igor pedro pinto dos santos, Jongwoo Ha)   

This vaccine delivery system employs drawers in the vaccine storage container so that while opening them there is very few heat loss.




    Stationary training wheelchair (Hugo Rodrigue, Wei Wang, Jae-Eul Shim)    

The training wheelchair enables handicapped people to enjoy exercise from the comfort of their home. It has variable height, depth and resistance based on the requirement of the user.



   Affordable Vaccine Delivery Carrier
   (Min-Soo Kim, Eun-Seob Kim, Mariana Tejada Kamiya, Teodoro Yangali Hayen)   

This carrier has a tube in which gel capsule is employed. The gel capsule prevents the direct ice contact of the vaccine and also acts as insulator



   Wearing shoes without hands (Ji-Hyeon Song, Ki-Hwan Jang, Jong Hwa Lee)   

Tying the lace of the shoe is problem for pregnant women, obese and, old age people. It uses one directional rotation force to tie the less. Untying can be done by disengaging the lock-up device.




   Manual Wheelchair Brake System (Jungwoo Yoo, Jinseung Yoo, Yong Yoon, Sangmin Lee)   

Traditional wheel chair are hard to control speed while going downhill. This manual braking system can be applied to all wheel chair and is easy to operate.