Projects in 2014


   Origami-based Deployable Shelter Structure for Refugees
  (JongWoo Kim, SunPill Jung, HongCheol Choi, JaeHoon Choi)   

The deployable shelter uses origami structure which makes it very small on folded state and makes it easy for transportation. On the locking state the shelter is strong enough to hold itself making it suitable for refugee applications.


   Food Waste Disposal Equipment for Single Person Family
  (Min-Cheol Kim, Yong-Jun Shin, Ho-Jin Kim, Fengpei Yuan)   

This product can be used to separate water from the food waste and helps in disposing food waste properly. The miniature nature of the product makes it viable as commercial product.



   Development of a Movement-assisting Board Powered by Rowing (Jun Song, Jaewon Kim, Taekyum Kim)   

The movement assisting board helps disabled person for locomotion. The lower center of gravity makes it more stable and the rowing movement helps easier locomotion.




    Push-up Supporter (SungIk Park, SungYong Kim, DaeSeob Song, Liu Hanyu )    

Push up supporter helps physically disabled person especially for the people who lost their arm to do Push-up and helps them to maintain their physical health.




   Integrated Safety Monitoring System for the Disabled
  (Joonmyeong Choi, Inwook Koo, Sang-Yeop Lee, Sangmin Baek)   

Integrated Safety Monitoring System for the Disabled is a safety assistant mostly helpful for severely physically disabled person who cannot move and are mainly confined to wheel chair. The safety jacket is equipped with sensors which measures temperature and position of the person and sends alert to caretaker if the person falls down or have other some problems.


    Vaccine Delivery Back-pack Carriers with Modules (Si-Ho Kim, Yun-Ki Gwak, Soogon Yoo)    

Unlike traditional icebox type vaccine carrier the back pack type vaccine carrier are easier to carry. Additionally the peltier based system helps to maintain the temperature 2-8 degrees required for the vaccine and prevent vaccine from freezing oroverheating.





    Vaccine Carrier using Ice Pack (Dong Wan Kim, Gyu Gang Jeong, Hyeong Gyn Cheong)    

This is a modification to the traditional vaccine carrier. The audrino based system controls the fans to cool the vaccine and maintains the system within 2-8 degrees. The solar PV powered system helps to provide the necessary energy to run the controller and the fans.


    ˇ°Give a Choice to Your Feet!ˇ± Adjustable High Heel Shoes (Jeong Hoon Lee, Sun Mi Lee, Jong Hoon Lee)  

The adjustable high heel shoes provides the facility of adjusting height of the ladies shoe. The heel is safe and strong and even at smaller heel the shoe maintain it aesthetic value.





    Improve Your Mobility : Multifunctional Walker (Hana Roh, Namyoon Kim, Donghun Ku)    Hana Roh, Namyoon Kim, Donghun Ku

The mobility walker solves problem of traditional walker in which the user has trouble while passing narrow corridor or door . The adjustable height and the cane mode helps the user to adjust the walker based on the surrounding.



   Development of Tricycle for Rice Transplanting (Wonwoo Park, Suchul Kim, Wonsun Hong, Jaeseung Kim)  

Transplanter is a rice planter which uses simple 4 bar mechanism and a tricycle for rice planting. It is simple, easy to operate and can be very cheap options to the complex rice planter.



    Portable Power Generation System for Vaccine Carrier Application    

Portable wind power generating option is the on-the-go power supplier for the vaccine carrier. It can be manufactured using scrap computer fans and locally available material to provide power to the vaccine carrier.