Projects in 2015


    Single vial dispensing vaccine carrier (Ali Reza hasanzada, Han Nu Ri Park, Joon Young Kim)    

To ensure the potency of the vaccine, Vaccine Vial Monitor, specifically HEATmarker, will be placed on each vial to show its potency. It is a thermochromic label with four main stages shown below.


    Easy-Moving Stick for senior with inconvenient behavior
  (Do Young Kyung, Lee Heonyong, Nam YunHyoung, Oh Sanghyun)    

Many seniors who have elbow and shoulder syndrome would use this easy moving stick. Seniors¡¯ shoulder and elbow syndrome will be prevented while using walking stick.


   Drone Technology as a delivery vehicle for vaccines and medical supplies   

Transporting vaccines and medical supplies to regions inaccessible by car or foot. Transporting blood samples from remote areas to a hospital in the city for a timely diagnosis.


    Dressing guide and equipment for armless people    

As the pants goes up with this guide, more force is required near hip to pull up the pants. Guide was pulled up by electric powered winch which is hanged on ceiling.




   Wearable Air Bag (Jin Lee, Bon-Hyun Gu, Ying-Jin Quan, Nam-Geuk Kim)   

Setting threshold values considering the difference in angle and angular acceleration between normal activities and falling down



   Vaccine carrier designed for mountainous area (Tielin Li, Hyunjung Oh, Su Ye, Araz Rajabi Abhari)   

The whole cost is 100 thousand won, much cheaper than commercial products which are 500 thousand won with the same function. With impact protect cushion and motorcycle electricity generator, vaccine carrier can perform well in mountainous area.





    Crutchformer-transformable crutch and kick sccoter
  (Younghee Hahm, Sungjae jang, Sungkyung Woo, Anna Iasovieaanne)    

Develop of a hybrid crutch which can use as a kick-scooter on flat surface, and use as a crutch on stairs with only one hand



   ¡°New design for compression bandage(Song Changhee ¡¤ Sung Dongwan ¡¤ Son Seungwan)   

It has Velcro tie on both of tips of elastic bandage and magic-band in elastic bandage. This design has advantage of convenient winding. People can tie-up their injured arm by only one time of winding.


    Low cost, Portable microscope for education in resource-limited regions    

Currently, many developing countries lag significantly behind in education levels and access to proper equipment for an adequate educational opportunity is difficult due to its cost and its lack of portability. Given the importance of such tools to the education, it was developed a portable microscope with a low cost.


   SNU Safe Bottle (Sangbeom Kim, Soyoung Baek, Seonyeop Jung)   

SNU Safe Bottle is a water purifying device for houseboat people in developing countries. This product needs no electricity be cause it is solely operated by natural water pressure and hand pump.