Projects in 2016


   Green End Mill(Kim Seung Bae, Kim Joon Hyuk, CHAE JAE MIN, Min Soohong)   

Design a new end mill for reducing amount of lubricants via using hydrophobic surface. Groove is made by laser machining and amount of lubricant and quality of machining is evaluated and improved result is discovered.


   SMART VACCINE CARRIER (Kim Minsik, mun jeong wook)   

Many seniors who have elbow and shoulder syndrome would use this easy moving stick. Seniorsí» shoulder and elbow syndrome will be prevented while using walking stick.



   S.C.V. ( SNU Cooling Vest )(Yu Jongha, Dong-Ryul Kim, Park Hyungbin, Choi InGyu)   

Many workers are now working in the hot environment. It is one of the biggest factor to decrease their work efficiency. To solve this problem, cooling vest is fabricated. Using 2-type of fabrics and water spray system, cooling effect can be acquired. For work efficiency, cooling vest is designed as all-in-one system.


    Delivery for Vaccines (Samuel Park, BEERLI THOMAS, KACHISI PAUL FUNGAI, Pablo Antonio Abrego Serrano, USAMA AHMED)    

VACCINE CARRIERS are used for transporting vaccines from health facilities with refrigeration to outreach sessions where refrigeration and ice are not available. We design vaccine carrier with vacuum flask. With a high insulation effect of vacuum flask, suppressing the increasing of temperature can be realized. And shape of carrier is designed to make comport to carry while people try to bring this via walking.


    Energy Harvesting System for Vaccine Carriers (Choi Woo-young, Yi Jaehyun, Choi Jaehyeok, Choi Hyung-Min)    

To make vaccine valid, keeping the temperature of vaccine from 2í╔ to 8í╔ is essential. But, bring the energy source like charged battery or electrical generator is not easy to bring. So we develop the energy harvesting systems. Via installing this system and walking, enough energy to run the cooling system can be generated.


    Development of Nonconventional Portable 2-d Printer for Various Purpose (BAK Jeongae, JEON YOUNG JAE, Yoo Sungkeun)   

Eyebrow is critical factors to decide the first impression. So about making up eyebrow, there are many technics and many effort is needed. It means, many disables also want to make their eyebrow up, but ití»s impossible. So, nonconventional portable 2-d printers is developed. Just attaching this printer with face, eyebrow can be made automatically.