Projects in 2017


 Resizable & Temporary Waste Bin for detached and multi-household(Lee Hee Kyung, Shin Taek Hyun, Lee Won Chung, Lim Hyun Woo)

Multifunctional waste bin for create clean, beautiful urban landscape and support street cleaner. This Solar powered waste bin having function of reward, automatic folding & unfolding with motion sensor and timer Target primary market is detached & multi-household residents


Jump for Teeth: Trampoline based medical devices for dentist (Kim Jae In, Park Sehun, Shin Gyowook, Yoon Sohee)

This project concerns a pneumatic generator for dental handpiece, which specifically generates compressed air using the behavior of trampolines to supply to the dental handpiece. This devices for dentist without electricity was tested at the medical camp (Jan, 2018, Tanzania).



Appropriate Cooling System for Vaccine Carrier(Minjun Kim, Youngjin Hyun)

Goal of this project is low-powered electric temperature control system for vaccine carrier By using cooling bike: low effort, high efficiency Bike generator is not only cooling system but also can utilize for light system For next generation type, it can be electric bike as transportation.


H.O.M.E: Handpiece Operating Manually without Electricity (Eom Jaemin, Kim Kyu Bum, Chang Munhyeok, Kim Mingyu)

Handpiece is one of the most important tools in dental care. However, in Africa, where electricity is scarce, volunteers have to bring in air conditioners and tanks and generators. We thought that all of this was because we used electricity to spin a compresser to make compressed air, instead of turning a compresser into a compresser. This devices for dentist without electricity was tested at the medical camp (Jan, 2018, Tanzania).


Development of filtration system using bone char to remove fluorine from water in Tanzania (Choi Ji-Eun, Lee Hyesung, Nguyen Do Minh, Lee Changmin)

In Arusha, Tanzania, underground water is used for drinking water. However, the groundwater is highly fluoric, which has a significant impact on the health of local residents. The project intended to develop a fluoridation filter device using ˇ°bone charˇ±. Improvement was attempted in various areas, including frame design and flow rate measurement, which occurred as a result of problems in the existing project.


Design and Development of Wrist Rehabilitation Device (Chu Kyungsung, Kim Ki Jung, Joo Inho, Feramus Mio)

These days the number of wrist problems are increasing. One of this wrist disease is carpal tunnel syndrome, which makes severe pain on wrist and hand. For this syndrome, One of effective solution is wrist stretching. It can relax patients This is mechanism of our device. By rotation of device link, patients hand can be stretched up and down. It can help the stretching motion by rotating in same direction. Also device can also be operated as exercise device, by torque restriction of the motor.



Development of Elbow Dislocation Rehabilitation Device(Ha Jungmin, Rathod Mitesh, Heo JaeKyung, Shin Gyomyung)

This project concerns an arm rehabilitation device and an arm rehabilitation game device. Simple yet ergonomic, designed to increase the effectiveness of the rehabilitation, and can work in conjunction with simple games to record and motivate the performance of the rehabilitation. The project was easy to carry and use, which improved the effectiveness of rehabilitation treatment, and increased the fun of recyclers to increase the satisfaction of recyclers.



Vaccine in the sky: Development of vaccine storage system with helium balloon(Jeongmin Hur, Jaehyun Kim, Julien Verhamme, Xinlin Wang)

This project is about developing vaccine storage system using cold air at high altitude to allow under-developed country to have ˇ°cold chainˇ± for the deliver/storage of vaccines Via this project, full automated system controlling altitude changes is fabricated and data was sent in real time from/to devices.