Projects in 2012

    Adjustable Rear Wing of Formula Machine Using Smart Actuator   

Adjustable rear wing can enhance the speed of the machine. The results showed that the rear wing can be declined over 30 degree and the motion is smoothing when moving upward. However, a little deflection while bending motion is occurred.






   Solar Tracking System using SMA Wires

To design the low cost and environment friendly solar tracking system, SMA wire is used as an actuator and sensor to generate a rotation conversion to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency.





    Automatic Activation Device for Parachute Deployment using SMA

The parachute is packed in a locked box where the opening device is controlled with the use of the SMA wire.








   Biomimetic Underwater Exploring Robot    

The soft cuttlefish robot is designed and fabricated with the possibility of forward and backward locomotion provided by its undulated fin motion. Meanwhile, the robot can remove the obstacles using its actuated tentacles.






    Helicopter Blade Pitch Control Using SMA      

Current helicopters are using the rotating swash plates to control the blade pitch, however the swash plates have a disadvantage such as its mechanical complexity. In this research, a less moving-part blade pitch control method with the use of SMA, which is decreasing the mechanical complexity of the current helicopters, is introduced.




    Smart Faucet Socket for Shower Bath     

The water flow is controlled by the SMA-actuated faucet socket which is used as a sensor of the water temperature. When the temperature of water is 50° C, the water pipe will be closed instantly to prevent the accidents.






    Web Spreading Method using Bowed-Roller in Roll-to-Roll System    

In this design, the bowed roller is used to spread the web where several curvatures/deformations of the bowed roller can be achieved by actuation of the SMA wire.