Projects in 2013

   Transformable Wheel using Origami-based Morphing Structure    

The deformable wheel can combine the advantages and compensate the defects of the big and small wheels. For this project, the deformable wheel mechanism with the origami structure was designed and tested.






   Rear Wing for Racecar using SMA Wire    

Rotating/Bending motions produced by embedded SMA wires to change the rear wing angle of attack
Rear wing is inclined by 30 degrees using SMA spring







  Solar Tracking System using SMA Wires

To design the low cost and environment friendly solar tracking system, SMA wire is used as an actuator and sensor to generate a rotation conversion to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency.





    Wrist Assistive Devices to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)   

A mouse pad is designed and fabricated with the use of SMA-based smart soft composite with the buckling mechanism to prevent CTS and provide a good working environment