Projects in 2016

    Adaptable Tire [Yoo Sungkeun, Jeon Jiho, Iakovleva Anna]   

For rainy and snowy conditions, sufficient tread pattern is required to maintain the grip with the road. Both tire compound (composed material) and the tread pattern determine the driving capabilities. Using heat transform of shape memory alloy can change condition of road surface that make coefficient of tire surface change and driving condition well


    Smart Sewage Cover [Shin Jaeho, Won Phillip, Kang Changbeom, Gwon Ohjun]   

the material can solely adjust itself to an environmental changes without the outer parts Following this philosophy, designed smart sewage cover which automatically opens only when it is needed. This smart function is achieved by the hydromorphic characteristic of super absorbent polymer(SAP). The SAP not only senses change of humidity but also actuates the sewage cover. This smart sewage cover can reduce smells from sewage and prevent drain from blockage.


     Portable Self-deployable Origami Amplifier for Smartphone [Lee Guesuk, Jang BeomChan, Kim Sa-Reum, Sang-Yoep, Lee]    

Based on large compressibility that means portability and functionality and amplifying functionality, Origami composite structure made for smart phone speaker. This device has advantages like antagonistic actuator that means bidirectional folding. Large folding angle range and reversible folding make portability better.


    An instrument to aid shower valve on [Dong-Ryul Kim, Shin Gyomyung, Shin Gyomyung, SHIN MIN CHUL]&off    

Uncontrollable water temperature could be usual accident which means potential threat like burn skin so using this device can make control water temperature. The device is SMA based structure so control component without electric circuit. This can make benefit for no error process and no extra charge.


    Variable Nozzle by Origami structure [Lee Seung Woo, CHOI WOOJOO, Cho Yeongchan, LEE YOON HYUK]    

Important parameters in driving nozzle function are cross section area, axial direction profile, internal surface shape. If the nozzle cross section is changed variably, we can control the flow rate, pressure and type of injection. So, using smart materials and smart design, Nozzle can change variable nozzle without large actuator.


    The Bi-stable material with SMA [DO YOUNG KYUNG, Lee Heonyong, LEE JEEHWAN, seo dong sik]    

A material which has 2 states (Auxetic & Non-auxetic). Choose the re-entrant structure because it is easy to change original structure to conventional structures which has non-auxetic properties Material which has negative and positive Poisson¡¯s ratio (Also, it has different size and curvature (anticlastic & synclastic). Control the material, which has two different properties.


    Piezo-triggered Heated Glove [Kim Minsik, Min Soohong, Oh Jin Woo, SU YE]    

Based on piezoelectric materials, unde4r mechanical stress that means shifting of the positive and negative charge centers occurs in the material, causing an external electric field. Copper plates and piezoelectric bending sensor can drive circuits which are built with an microprocessor like Arduino. This can control the temperature of glove.