Projects in 2017

Smart Suspender [Erik Sevre, NamYoung Kim, Samuel Park, Thomas Kim]

The team designed and prototyped a smart suspender that gives the users to have a good posture habits, a piezoelectrical sensor with Arduino control system was embedded into a designed case that was attached on the suspender which has to be comfortable, wearable, small, and, without ruining fashion. The suspender gives notice when the user takes a bad posture.


Smart Head-Up-Display speedometer [Byeong-uk Im, Si-hoon Lee, Dong-hwan Sung, Da-woon Lee]

The team developed Head-up-display(HUD) speedometer that used electro-chromic display (ECD) which has 7-segment sub displays to display the speed numbers. The HUD system was built with GPS module, Arduino[MCU], and ECD. MCU gathers velocity component from GPS and processes the information and provide it to ECD with voltage for each segments so that ECD displays speed in Kilometers.


Smart material-actuated lightweight gripper [Yooseok Kim, Taekym Kim, Kuikam Kwon]

The team developed a lightweight gripper requires stable gripping and releasing mechanism, adjustable to various surfaces, gripping force, lightweight and load capacity. The concept of this design is using multiple legs with spines and the gripping actuation was employed by Shape memory alloy (SMA). The gripper can be attached both rock and wooden surfaces.


Smart Models for cookies [Jaehyun Yi, YeongHyeon Jeong, Subyeong Ku, Junghan Kwan]

The team developed a self-folding cookies molds to help and increase in handicapped employment. The main idea is to develop a SMA wire embedded food grade silicon composite with flower shape that can be bending at a certain temperature. Considering the cookies temperature, SMA wire with 90oC was used and it was heated during the cooking in the microwave oven.


Bishoetable [Hyung-bin Park, Jae-hyeok Choi, So-jung Yim, Jae-kyung Heo]

The team developed a hands free shoes for someone who has disabilities with hands. The shoes backside was used a bi-stable mechanism which used CFRP as material. Several magnets was used inside of CFRP to fix tightly.


Air Twister [Shinmyoung Kim, Paul Fungai Kachisi]

The team developed SMA based air-conditioner blade that could change the blowing directions. The housing was 3D printed and SMA was embedded into PDMS plate which was assembled into the housing. In order to match the cooling and heating temperature of air-conditioner, SMA wire with low temperature (20~30oC) was used.


Smart Hip Protector for the Elderly [Minsu Park, Yusung Kim, Eugene Park]

The team developed a smart hip protector for the elderly which was used SMA as trigger to drive polyester wool that was packable down jacket. The system includes control unit (battery, MUC Arduino, MPU), SMA driver and polyester wool bag.


Variable focus and zoom liquid lenses based ewod [Jong-hoo Park, Mary Sene, Jae-Hwan Kim]

The team developed a glasses lenses that can focus and zoom automatically using electrowetting-on-dielectric. By applying the voltage, it changes the contact angle of droplet decrease. The advantages of this lenses are low cost, fast focusing and zooming, flexibility and easy automation with smart materials.


Smart Table Tennis training system [In-gyu Choi, Jongha Yu, Amir Kamandi]

The team developed smart table tennis training system. The system was integrated into ball throwing machine and target projection system by laser module and brightness sensor. The system includes Arduino, laser, brightness sensors and piezo-vibration sensors.