Projects in 2018

Smart morphing supporter [Kim Soohyuk, Tianxin Liu, Krieger Adrian]

The team designed and prototyped portable or wearable devices fo bendable display in a vehicle or inside a room. This device is desinged as bi-stable strucuter using SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) wires. This mechanism of prototype is expected to various applications for saving space in daily life.


Smart lamp [Yunhan Kim, Chanhee Park, Hao Yuan]

The team developed lamp which controls the birghtness according to temperature. This lamp is designed using SMA. The temperature from bulb can control the shape of light cover, which can change the brightness of the light.


Development of a Biomimetic SMA-Driven Flying Robot [FC IDIM Team]

The team developed biomimetic flying robot. This prototype is designed using SMA. Based on result of calculation, 3.75 flapping factor is acheived, which means this prototype has potential to keep hovering.


Safe Fire Doorknob [Sinyong Lee, Youngjoon Kim, Jijoon Park]

The team developed a safe doorknob working in case of fire. This protoype is designed using SMA. Based on charateristic of SMA wire, The prototype works according to the temperature of the surrounding environment to prevent the inflow of smoke.