Projects in 2019

Auto-Multi-Size Cup Holder [Hyunsu Lee, Jang Hyeon Lyu, Bora Ha, Frank A.]

The team designed automatic cup holder that grabs cup tightly regardless of cup size. This prototype is designed using pneumatic actuator with piezo sensors. Sensor can measure the motion of hand and give the signal for controlling pneumatic actuator which can grip the cup loose or tight.


SMP-based Toxic Gas Blocker [Hye Ju Yoo, Sang-Joon Ahn, Sung Yol Yu, Su Hwan Chae]

The team developed gas blocker when in case of fire, blocker prevent from toxic gas using SMP (Shape Memory Polymer). ased on charateristic of SMP, The prototype works according to the temperature of the surrounding environment to prevent the inflow of toxic gas.


Smart Walking Stick [Bisrat Bereket Barega, Hyeongmin Kim, Iksu Jeong, Joo Tai Lim ]

The team developed wolking stick for the elderly. The prototype has gyro, acceleration, compass sensors and GPS-SMS moudule which can serve an alert system that activateds when the user collapses from a aardiac arrest or stroke. The system produce loud soudns and send an SOS SMS to nearby hospital.


SMA-Assisted Self Bending Flexible Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell [Myung Seok Lee, Sangbong Ryu, Wonyeop Jeong, Kyunghyun Kim]

The team developed self-bending fuel cell. This is designed using SMA for bending motion. SMA heated by the exothermic reaction in MEA bends the PEMFC to show increased cell performance.


Pneumatic Pixel Actuators for human

The team developed pixel actators for assist human body motion. This is desiged pneumatic systems and force sensor. The systems are cheap and easy way to detect compressive forces.


Anti-snore Pillow [Minsik Choi, Taehwan Kim, Sudong Lee, Youngjun Baek, Taehwa Hong]

The team developed anti-snore pillow. This is designed using drangon skin and sensors for measuring snore sound. When the sound signal from snore happen, dragon skin pumped up and direction of user's head is changed for proper breath.


Switchable Hair Iron [SeongWoo Lee, Jooyeon Shin, SeungKwan Lee, Zhu Feiyan]

The team developed hair iron for easy styling. This is designed using SMA as switchable strcuture according to temperature.